Thames Heritage Alliance

It’s been suggested that various Thames-side sites with national heritage value should join together to promote understanding of how small sites along the great river have contributed to our country’s history.

For instance, at Convoys Wharf in Deptford, Henry VIII had his naval shipyards.  At Northfleet near Gravesend, there is evidence of use from Roman times through to the industrial period, and at Faversham Creek a remarkable story of gunpowder production through nearly 400 years shows how these small sites played their part in defending the realm.

Now all these sites are under threat. Property developers and planners want to see them redeveloped – at a premium price. History is being swept away – despite a popular upsurge of interest in traditional methods such as boat-building. Water conservation, environmental issues, wildlife, history, culture and education are all at risk.

The Thames Heritage Alliance is seeking to redress the balance.

We hope you will subscribe to this site and send us your contact details.


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